Accept Your Weakness

You will never be able to eliminate a weakness you don’t even know about. The first step to eliminate a negative habit is to become aware of it. Once you develop an awareness about a negative trait you are trying to change, you will be well on your way to replacing it with a more helpful one.

Change is Time-Consuming

Traits are something that we build over time. Change is a time-consuming process, and it won’t happen overnight. The idea is to be consistent, and not give up easily. The aim is to be real, not perfect. The motive is to accept ourselves as we are. A little introspection in our thought process and behaviour helps us to know how to change negative personality traits and take us closer to our goals.


“Change might not be fast and it isn’t always easy. But with time and effort, almost any habit can be reshaped.”

Charles Duhigg

My Negative Habits

My negative traits were pessimism and procrastination. Being pessimistic is like being toxic to yourself. Pessimism makes you see the negatives, the doom and gloom in any given situation. While procrastination makes you keep things pending till the last moment which results in rushed and poor quality work. But now I tend to think positive in every situation and try to surround myself with positive people. Moreover, I don’t let the pile grow bigger and do what I can when I can.


Transform Negative to Positive

So, over the coming weeks, reflect on your weakness and vow to transform them into strengths that will add richness and energy to the way you live.

“Our strength grows out of our weakness”

Ralph Aldo Emerson

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