Take Good Care of Yourself

take good care of yourself

Our bodies are our gardens, to the which our wills are gardeners.

William Shakespeare

I remember once my father told me that one of his friends was really strict about his physical health regime. He used to say- many people regularly go to a church or temple to stay grounded and centred. I’m a little different. I go to the Akhada(A type of Indian gym) – that’s my temple.” He added that no matter how busy he is, he winds up everything by 5 PM and makes the “daily pilgrimage” to his gym. Nothing can stop him from taking this time to ensure his health and happiness.

His words made me realize that our bodies need to be treated like temples and considered sacred if we hope to live life fully and completely. Regular exercise and a balanced diet will not only improve your health but will also help you think more clearly, boost creativity and manage the relentless stress that seems to dominate your days.


Eating a balanced diet and being physically active are two of the most important things you can do to be and stay healthy at any age. I follow a healthy diet that includes an awful lot of vegetables, fruit and dairy products which are full of protein, minerals and carbohydrates. I addition to that, I try to be physically active whenever I can.

Here are some of the benefits of following an active and healthy lifestyle.

1. Weight Loss

Yes, it’s true. Inactivity is a major factor in weight gain and obesity. So the best way to reliably and safely lose weight is to exercise regularly and eat a healthy, balanced diet. Burning off more carbs each day than you take in from food is the only proven way to lose weight.

2. Prevents Chronic Diseases

A sedentary lifestyle is a primary cause of chronic diseases and stress. Regular exercise has been shown to improve cardiovascular fitness by improving cholesterol levels and normalizing blood pressure. So it is better to take at least a brisk walk and eat a healthy diet to avoid chronic diseases. You can also follow some of the breathing exercises or Yoga for better results. Read my article Calm your curious mind for the detailed information.

3.  Improves Skin Health

Diet and exercise can help keep you looking young and beautiful. A healthy diet includes lots of natural antioxidants which fight the ageing process and a little bit of exercise can help your body resist the soreness and stiffness of ageing by stimulating the blood flow. So instead of splashing out money on those anti-ageing night serums, work out and eat a rainbow diet!

4. Stronger Immune System

Your body is better able to handle germs and stay healthy when you eat well and exercise often. Especially during this pandemic time, it is advisable to eat a healthy and balanced diet to prevent the virus from entering your immune system.

5. Improves Mood

Did you know that exercise directly affects your mood? Exercise releases endorphins, which give a sense of happiness. Interestingly, it doesn’t matter how intense your workout is. It seems that your mood can benefit from exercise no matter the intensity of the physical activity.

6. Improves sleep

Nutrition and exercise are very helpful to provide quality sleep. Those who are physically active sleep longer and deeper than sedentary individuals. The increase in body temperature that occurs during exercise improves sleep quality by helping it drop during sleep. In addition, a poor diet such as one packed with sugar or alcohol can disrupt sleep and deteriorate its quality.


I lied and said I was busy.
I was busy;
but not in a way most people understand.
I lied and said I was busy.
I was busy;
but not in a way most people understand.
I was busy taking deeper breaths.
I was busy silencing irrational thoughts.
I was busy calming a racing heart.
I was busy telling myself I am okay.
Sometimes, this is my busy -
and I will not apologize for it.

-Brittin Oakman

Changing to a More Active Lifestyle

Start with tiny steps such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or parking farther away from a store to add a bit more walking into your day and as you change to a more active lifestyle, select an activity that you can integrate into your schedule smoothly, so you can maintain it.


Here are some ways to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine:

1. Take The Stairs

You’ve probably heard this one a million time before, right? but It works like magic! Taking the stairs is a great way to add movement to your day and increase your heart rate. Also, if you regularly take the stairs you’ll be able to see the results when you can reach the top without being out of breath.

2. Take a Stroll

A sedentary lifestyle has been proven to have negative effects such as a higher risk for heart disease and obesity. Taking a break and stretching your legs every hour or so to get up and walk around will help prevent some of these negative effects and get you moving.

3. Add Fun To Housework

Focus on posture while doing chores such as vacuuming or washing the dishes. Why not add some dance and music to the boring chores? Dancing will not only add some activity to your day but also some fun to your chores.


A physically active lifestyle yields so many health benefits that it is recommended for everyone. Change is not always easy, but even small changes can set you on the road to optimal health. And remember:

Those who don’t make time for exercise must eventually make time for illness.

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