Connect with Nature

I believe in God, only I spell it Nature.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Over the years, I have found that spending some time alone in natural surroundings connects me to the universe around me and restores my soul in this rapid life.


After an exhausting day, the simple act of sitting in the park and listening  to the wind move through the leaves and chirping of birds fills me  with a sense of tranquillity. My priorities become clearer and my responsibilities seem less critical because nature has that power to calm that endless chatter that fills our minds. Moreover, Bonding with nature is also an excellent way to boost your creativity and generate new ideas.

Benefits of Connecting With Nature

Let’s explore the major benefits of embedding yourself in nature, observing, being mindful of your surroundings… not just sitting while scrolling through inert bits and pieces! Research shows that connecting with nature can significantly boost your mental and physical health, even reduce your blood pressure by up to 10%. It’s like a natural pill to boost your wellbeing!

1. Bring Us Back To Life

Connecting with the Earth literally brings us to life. It breathes us. It restores and rejuvenates our energy field. According to studies, 20 minutes are enough to significantly boost your energy levels. Improving your energy levels not only allows to you do the things you want to do, it also makes you less likely to get sick.


So, the next time you’re feeling sluggish, don’t instinctively grab a cup of coffee. Instead, go outdoors, just walk around, admire plants and trees or… sit on a bench and smell the roses!

2. Make Us Stress-Free

Stress is a part of our everyday life, affecting our mental and physical health as well. It can make you indulge in activities that increase your risk of heart disease such as smoking, eating too much or adapting to a sedentary lifestyle.


Again, just 20 minutes a day connecting with nature can lower your stress. Just sitting in a natural environment, not even hiking or walking, will enable you to earn these benefits.

3. Improves mental Performance

Do you have a short attention span? Well, that’s completely normal. To perform mind tasks including analyzing, planning and organizing information, we need to pay attention. When we are tired, or after significant and lengthy mental activity, our attention starts to wander and our cognitive performance decreases.


Being in nature allows our minds to rest and recharge, thus restoring our attention. Just a couple of seconds or minutes is enough. Just looking outside a window, looking at tree branches, admiring the colour of its leaves and flowers, or listening and gazing at the birds will do the trick.

4. Improves Mood

Nature has long been known to have calming effects on the mind. The beauty and serenity of nature create a sense of peace that you usually won’t be able to find in busy urban environments. Thus, spending time in nature is one of the most effective ways to reduce everyday stress and mental fatigue. Being in such a spacious, relaxing environment helps your mind to recharge and put you in a positive mood

5. Improves Sleep

Lack of sleep can harm your mental health. Problems with sleeping are commonly linked to mental health disorders like anxiety and depression. Spending more time in nature exposes your body to natural light – which can do wonders to improve your sleep patterns. Natural light helps to regulate your natural body clock, and having a good dose of sunlight regularly will allow you to normalize your sleep schedule and ensure you wake up feeling rejuvenated.

The earth has music for those who listen.

William Shakespeare

Tips To Connect With Nature

If you live in a city, it will be tougher to carve out time to connect with nature. Do not give up, here some tips:


  • Spend part of your weekend strolling in your neighbourhood park
  • Spend a minimum of 15 minutes a day consciously connecting with the earth on a walk, in a park, on the beach.
  • Go barefoot! This is a priceless connection. Kick-off your shoes and feel the pulse of the Earth flow up to nourish every cell of your being.
  • Notice the sounds in nature. Feel the sounds of nature washing through you, whether it’s birds, water, the breeze, the rain or the sound of natures stillness.
  • Observe the colours of nature and how the light changes throughout the day.
  • Spend part of your lunch break taking a walk or just sitting by a tree.
  • Go for a picnic with your family.
  • Take a vacation in nature hiking, backpacking or gently exploring.
  • Have some plants and pictures of nature at your home and office.

So take your shoes off and feel the grass under your feet or take a stroll around the beach or just enjoy the sunset and appreciate the privilege of enjoying these special gifts of nature because many people are not privileged.

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.

Henry David Thoreau

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  1. samitakashyap

    Nice. It is very important in our life. It’s provide many things like trees, fruits, river etc. And i really love it


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