Find Three Reliable Friends

Find three reliable friends

Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.

Tennessee Williams

Cultivating great friendships is one of the surest ways to find more happiness and joy in your life. Recent studies show that those with a wide circle of friends and family live longer, laugh more and worry less. I think you should have at least three reliable friends in your life. But friendships, like all other good things in life, take time, energy and commitment. As one philosopher wrote many centuries ago,


“There is nothing in the world more valuable than friendship. Those who banish it from their lives remove it as it were the sun from the earth, because of all of nature’s gifts, it is the most beautiful thing." 

I know it’s easy to make friends in childhood and when you’re out there in grown-up land, it can be frightening and absolute challenging to meet new people. But don’t lose hope and keep trying. At a cocktail party, dare to walk over to someone you would like to get to know better and introduce yourself. As there are immense benefits of being social and friendly.

Health Benefits of Being Friendly

Old reliable friends

1. Longer Life

People with more social support and relationships tend to live longer than those who are more isolated, and this is true regardless of their overall level of health.

2. Better Physical Health

Friendship is associated with a stronger immune system, so you’ll have a better chance of fighting off colds, the flu, and even some types of cancer. It reduces cardiovascular problems, as well as lower blood pressure.

3. Better Mental Health

Interacting with others boosts feelings of happiness and decreases feelings of depression. So it results in improved mental well being.

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.

Anais Nin

How To Make Friends?

Young reliable friends

Even if you consider yourself a lone wolf, you have to realize that humans are social beings by nature, and we need that friendship. So we know it can be hard and we know it’s important, but how do we actually do it? How do adults make new friends? Let’s take a look at that:

1. Building a Relationship Starts Within

Building healthy relationships begins within, so start by focusing on yourself. If you’re comfortable with who you are, others will pick up on your confidence and immediately understand you’re someone worth knowing.

2. Sharpen Your Social Skills

Start with social media. One great thing about the internet and social media is the ability to find and connect with people who like the same things you like — right in your area. So why not make some new friends that have the same interests as you.


If you are not a tech-friendly person, and you’re already attending a friend’s wedding next month, why not use that as an excuse to flex your friendship muscles? You can chat with whoever you’re sat next to during the reception or win new friends on the dance floor — the options are endless.

3. Join Clubs or Communities

If you’re a bibliophile, joining a book club is a simple way to find your people. Book clubs not only give you a chance to socialize but also allow you to flex the most important muscle in your body: your brain.


Or if you are a fitness freak, try hitting up a new workout class or a gym. Programs organised by these fitness classes or gym, foster a sense of community, so rest assured that you’ll leave class with more defined muscles and new friends.

Remember Quality Not Quantity

My three reliable friends

I believe that If you have 3 or 4 great friends, on whom you can bet throughout your life, your life is a worthwhile one. Interacting with a lot of people can be exhausting but spending lovely moments with a handful of true friends would be an immense pleasure.

I have met a million people by far in my life but I still have only 4 great friends. We may not be in touch most of the time, but whenever we connect, it’s like nothing had changed and our friendship is still the same. Whenever one of us is feeling blue, we know we are not alone. It gives a sense of assurance and comfort.


We share all our sorrows and happiness. By doing so, half of the sorrows disappear and happiness gets double. It’s been more than a decade, we are still friends or shall I say we are sisters from different mothers. The above picture portrays a few of the precious moments that I share with my lovely friends.

Nurturing reliable friendships are as crucial as finding a life companion. True friends make your troubles half and happiness twofold just like your spouse or mate.

To cultivate deeper friendships, you must be willing to move out of your comfort zone, break the ice with people you might not know very well and show sincere affection. If you plant the seeds of friendship, you are bound to receive a rich harvest of great friends.  

Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.

Amy Poehler

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