Capture the Moments


The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.

Andy Warhol

Every life is worth living. And given this, every life is worth capturing. Capturing a moment in time isn’t just about preserving a memory—it can help you appreciate your life more every day. The importance of taking pictures can not be ignored at all!

I don’t know about you, but I take an awful lot of pictures ever since cameras and smartphones have made photography so much easier. You can see that in the above collage. I do realize the significant role they play in a happy life.


A picture truly is worth a thousand words. Photographs capture and record life’s greatest memories so that we can relive them as the year’s pass.

Benefits of taking pictures

Here are some benefits of capturing moments through photography, which have allowed me to spend precious moments with my family, and also to focus on the important things in life.

1. Focus on the Good

Photography intensifies my attention towards the good things in my life. Big or small, taking a photo helps me see the bright spots in my day and allows me to hold on to them. Photos point your memories toward the good experiences you’ve had, simply because you’re more likely to take photos of joyful times. That’s important because it’s easier to recall bad times than good ones. Having snapshots of the latter keeps them fresh in our minds.


So It’s all about perspective. It’s my way of seeing life through my camera lens that helps me to focus (literally!) on the positive things in my life.

2. Embracing the Flaws

Taking photos of our everyday life helps me to embrace imperfection—to see the magic in the messes, pleasure in the mundane, and humour in the tough times. It’s not about the perfect make-up or the beautiful dress that matters in that picture, it’s the moment in which that picture is clicked matters the most.

A moment captured is worth so much more than a moment forgotten. No matter how imperfect. No matter how disorganized.

3. Savour the Little Moments

As I go through the photos I took only a few months ago, I can see so many changes in my life. Changes that can be hard to realize in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day living.

It seems like yesterday when I took my daughter in my arms for the first time and now she’s almost 2 years old! This makes me realise that these moments are ephemeral. So it’s better to capture them and make them last forever.


Every stage of life with kids, in a new home, a new job, with family and friends–they’re fleeting. Not only does photography help me to collect these memories, but it also allows me to hold on to them for a lifetime.

4. Slow Down and Notice

If you want to be more aware, more conscious of the blessings in your life, snap them. I promise it will help you to slow down and take notice of things that are so easy to miss.

I love the rawness of these little things. The candid moments. The way my daughter sleeps with her mouth open, the way my husband smiles with the two dimples at the side of his lips, the beautiful plants in my bedroom’s balcony—all of it.

This has been a great way to help me slow down and make me appreciate the little but precious things in my life.

Things end but memories last forever.

As the years are quietly slipping by, I know what to do with all those photos. They have gone into albums that form part of the story of life’s passage. They offer our entire family a wonderful way to reflect on the simple things that have meant so much to us.

As I snap every precious moment of my life, I suggest you all take more pictures, record the best times of your life. Collect photographs of the things that have made you smile or cry or appreciate the many blessings this world provides. The tears dry, the smiles fade but the memories last forever.

A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever.



5 thoughts on “Capture the Moments

  1. Sonia

    Amazing article! You are right. It is crucial to capture the moments to save them and cherish them in future.


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