Talk to Yourself



Watch what you tell yourself, you’re likely to believe it.

Russ Kyle

Being caught talking to yourself, especially if using your own name in the conversation, is beyond embarrassing. And it’s no wonder — it makes you look like you are hallucinating. People think you are insane. But rest assured, the habit is completely within the norm — and can even be beneficial.

Talk Positive

I believe there are profound impacts and importance of the words we use in our daily communications  (both with others and with ourselves) on the quality of our lives


So why not select some powerful words(I call them “Mantras”) that affect your life in a significantly positive way.

The technique is a simple one and involves nothing more than selecting a phrase that you will train your mind to focus on at different times throughout the day until it begins to dominate your awareness and reshape the person you are.

As told by Rhonda Byrne in her book The Magic. The phrases can be as simple as

  • “I am so grateful that I am a serene and tranquil person.”

  • “I am delighted that I am full of confidence”

  • “I am grateful that money and opportunity are flowing into my life.”

“Positive self-talk is to emotional pain as pain pill is to physical pain.”

Edmond Mbiaka

Repeat your mantras softly under your breath as you walk to work, as you wait in line or as you wash the dishes to fill otherwise unproductive times of your day with this positivity and see the difference.

Why do I talk to Myself?

Some people might think I’m insane but I do talk to myself every now and again. Here are some of the benefits of self-talk.

1. It Keeps Me Focussed

Whenever I felt like giving up, I took a moment and talked to myself and trust me it worked.

Explaining processes to yourself aloud can help you see solutions clearly and work through problems since it helps you focus on each step.

Asking yourself questions, even simple ones like—”what if I do this instead of this?” can also help you concentrate on the task at hand.


2. It Motivates Me

When you feel stuck, a little positive self-talk can do wonders for your motivation.

These words of encouragement usually have more weight when you say them aloud rather than simply think them. Hearing something positive often boosts our morale, after all.

Simple phrases like-
“You can do it” or ” You’ve got this” Can do a miracle!

3. It Helps Me Deal With Difficult Feelings

If you’re holding on to difficult emotions, talking through them can really help you analyze them more carefully.

Some emotions and experiences are so deeply personal that you might not feel up to sharing them with anyone.


Taking some time to sit with these emotions can help you unload them. While you can do this in your head or on paper, saying things aloud can help ground them in reality.

4. It Relieves My Stress

Since talking to yourself allows you to organize your thoughts and prioritize your commitments, your mind isn’t constantly racking, wondering when you’re going to have enough time to get it all done. In turn, you’ll become more relaxed and able to go with the flow.

Furthermore, talking to yourself helps you prepare for difficult times in life, such as a conversation with a loved one, colleague, or boss. It’s a kind of rehearsal.


Giving yourself a simple pep talk or rehearsing what you’re going to say, allow you to face tough situations with courage and confidence.

5. It Improves My Self-Control

Self-control is often a significant part of maintaining good health. Talking to yourself can help you better manage the provocations, reducing your risk of falling for them.

There are times when your insecurities whisper in your ears all the negative things that you want to ignore but sometimes you fall into that trap. That is the moment when self-talk plays its major role and save you from all the negativity.

Try to say your personal phrase at least a hundred times a day for at least four weeks. The results will be profound as you take one giant step to finding the peace, prosperity and purpose your life requires.

As Yehuda Berg said,

Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate, and to humble.”


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