Stay-at-home Moms Deserve “Equal” Respect

Equal respect for stay at home moms

“So is your wife staying at home permanently?”

“Permanently? Well, for the foreseeable future she will be raising the kids full time, yes.”

Yeah, I can’t imagine being a stay at home mom. It would be so BORING. [Giggles]
By the way, What does she DO ALL DAY?”

“Oh, just absolutely everything.
What do you do all day?”

“…Me? Ha! I WORK!”

“My wife never stops working."


So, Do you think this way too?

Being a MOM is not a “JOB”

Equal dignity for stay at home moms

It’s true — being a mom isn’t a “JOB.” A job is something you do for part of the day and then stop doing. You get a paycheck. You have unions and benefits and break rooms but being a mother is the most challenging and most impressive work that a person can do. The tasks are as endless as the many hats a stay-at-home parent wears: babysitter, housekeeper, chef, accountant, interior designer, planner, nurse, therapist, playmate, educator, etc.


The number of roles played by one person is overwhelming and infinite. There are no set hours, there are no official break times, there are no sick days.

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Not Rewarding But “Empowering”

Stay at home mom

I don’t quite understand why we’ve elevated “the workforce” to this heavenly status. Where do we get our idea of it? Having a job is necessary for some — it is for me — but it isn’t liberating or empowering. I used to have a job but being a Stay-at-home mom, makes me more empowering.


Whatever your job is — you are expendable. You are a number. You are a calculation. You are a servant. You can be replaced, and you will be replaced eventually. Am I being harsh? No, I’m being real.

If your mother or wife, quit her job as a computer analyst, she’d be replaced in four days and nobody would care. but If she quit her role as a mother, her entire lives would be turned upside down.


Respect for Stay at home mom

Yes, SHE IS JUST a mother. JUST. SHE JUST brings forth life into the universe, and SHE JUST shapes and moulds and raises that life. SHE JUST manages, directs and maintains the workings of the household, while caring for children who JUST rely on her for everything. SHE JUST teaches her children how to be human beings, and, as they grow, SHE will JUST train them in all things, from morals to manners, to the ABC’s, to hygiene, etc. SHE is JUST the foundation and the rock on which your family is built. SHE is JUST everything to everyone.


Yes, SHE IS JUST A MOM. Which is sort of like looking at the sky and saying, “Hey, it’s just SUN.”

Equal “RESPECT” for all

Respect mother

Why don’t people acknowledge that these mothers work hard too, and thus deserve a status equivalent to any person who earns a salary for their work? The bitter truth is that we value money over love and care. For us, a job is only respectable if it earns you big bucks. Imagine how you may feel about doing something which earns you no money at all. That’s full-time parenting. That is why these facts are humbling and put to rest to all those who criticize stay-at-home mums for having it easy or they are jobless or worse, living off their partner’s income.


Motherhood comes with a great cost and women pay it happily. All they ask in return is to be treated with dignity. That their efforts and hard work get acknowledged just the way any professional’s do. Because work is work, after all, no matter if you get paid for it or not. Every human deserves respect for how much they work, and not how much they earn for their work.


Dignity and respect for stay at home mom

So on this Mother’s Day, Instead of just wishing her “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY”, be grateful to her, appreciate her, write a Thank-You Note for her, and next time you hear a new mom deciding to stay home instead of going back to work, do me a favour. Instead of scoffing behind her back just show her some respect. The days are long, but the years are short, remember? We need to value every single day and being a stay at home mom, we’re just trying to soak in every second – even the hard stuff.

I can imagine no heroism greater than motherhood.

Lance Conrad




14 thoughts on “Stay-at-home Moms Deserve “Equal” Respect

  1. I completely agree with what you said – you don’t stop being a mom at 5 pm in the afternoon. Thank you for giving these strong, briliant women the respect they deserve!


  2. Amanda

    I LOVE THIS, AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU AND THE BRAVERY IT TOOK TO WRITE THIS ARTICLE!! As a stay at home Mother of 6, 2 biological children and 4 step children it makes me sick the awful things we have to hear about not having a job. No one will ever know the true struggles we face and conquer ALONE. Every day is a struggle for me, and my motto is “Stressed but Blessed” everyday is a personal accomplishment of mine. Thank you again for being the voice most of us don’t have the courage to voice. ♡


  3. Shivani gupta

    Beautifully written 👍👍nd if a mother is working also still she is concerned about family and kids and work more hours to compensate but she s never given respect whether she s at home nurturing the family or working double to help the partner and looking after the family because one first needs to understand that we r mothers whether working or not ,a mother always try to give more that wat she can…
    Good work shakun keep writing stay blessed 👍


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